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Soo... long time XD

Hi everybody

It was really a long time since my last post. So many thing change in this year

I so happy whit my carrear, maybe is not the best but the good thing is that I beging to like it XD (gosh bad inglish i need to practice moreXP)

Well like i love is to share what i like so this is the neww thing, well all but who care because... I don't caaaaree!!!

That is my newadiction 2NE1 they are really good if you didn't know them well now you do, so enjoy it!!!

Happy ... Happy !!!!! :D

Hi everyone, How are you this days of this new year?

I hope you are enjoy this years and that all the whish you have come true

Well one of the reasons that I´m so happy is becouse I buy two albums of Rainie Yang Meeting love and the last one Proclamation of semimature. I love them, really love them, my album of meeting love came whit the mouse pad and the last one have the beautiful calendar. I just love them.

And other thing this year is going to star the other drama that Rainie Record SuperStar Express well now it call To get her... well I prefer the first one but it seem really good so just hope to see this serie pretty soon. It start Feb/15 so far and near at the same time jijijij

I show the promo of SSE >Hope you like it<

One thing I sad is that Stephanie the grace has hurt his back, but they say she is going to be ok and star performance again so I hope to see her soon dancing XD

Look in this video she reach the number 48 of 100 that is something ^^!!!!
Hi to everybody

It's been such a long time since my last update. Sorry about that.

The first thing I want to coment whit you is . Did you saw or read Twilight?, What do you think about the movie, book, both?
I read the book a like it very much, the movie I have my dudes is not what i have waiting. I know the movie never is going to bee the same as the book but my expectetion were more high XD.

The movie is already in the movie theater, so what can you tell me?

New Aunt!!!

Hello everybody

It had been so long since my last update, but am already back, sine this few month that I have to much work. XD

This week really is the most especial week ever. I´m a new aunt, my first nice was born. She is so beautiful, such an sleeping girl (well sometimes T_T)

kawaii desune!!!

I'm so gladd, my cousin is fine and the baby too. And mostly all of my close smell like baby.XD
어마나 It's been so much, since my last update, but what I can do???
OOOoohhh I know update now!!! what a clever words I just say XD

Well starting is almost the ende of vacation, sad but at the same time so happy (odd right?)
continue whit I going to school pretty soon I'm so happy about that, but at the same time a little nervous, I don't Know why but what can I do? XD

More, right you have to see the new video of Lee Hyori U go Girl is so great, maybe you might don't like it but later you gone love it
for Coreanman23

OH and don´t forget CSJH The Grace they finaly realze their single in Japan I´m so happy but I dont have mony to buy it is so sad (jajajja)buy the album People bye STAND UP PEOPLE OF TENJOCHIKI
Jajaja my promotion of the single

Well I leave HOPE to see some comments XD and I'll try to update more frequently

HI Again ¬¬

Its been a while since my last update

First of all, HI, how are you? fine? I hope so... XD

Well I have a lot and a little things to tell [jajaja], First of all, I think that I start to like chinese music, well surtoff, becouse I´m listening to taiwanise music you need to lisent really. If you can see the videos of Rainie Yang and Angela Zhang some videos are weird but who careXD
This once are from Angela Zhang: this video is from her song Pandora (you know the mining of the pandora box right ) (from:shancai02)

And this image that I love is from them

this is Angela Zhang the other two are from Rainie Yang. In other time I will put some videos of her that I love (she is so cute)

This is a previw of the little obsesion that I´m into
I compare the two FANY´S XD, Like in this pic they both down and almost the same colors of the back round

the other thing I´m planing there not whit pic but is still curious

We will see you later hope pretty soon, all coments are very welcome, only if you say ohh.. that will be ok, well if you can write more that will be better XD :D

Thanks for the pics to asianfanatics.

Happy birthday!!!!

This is a short post....

Today is March,9th. and today is TAEYEON of SNSD B-Day.
I want to whisher a happy birthday, I writting in hear becouse I don´t have other place to put it.
So... whis her the best. I hope the do more presentation XD XD

tiffany sending her a kiss!!!

The dorky must adorable and of course Tiffany whising her the best jajaja!!

pics from sushiforum

HI Once more!!!

Hello to everybody

Hope you are pretty good, now we are in March, this is another month that I like XD

I whant to talk about my new adicction and is: SNSD or So Nyuh Shi Dae, i like this group and I have to much favorite members but i on to talk about only one member and is Tiffany, she is cute, funny, no to clever but has a wonderfull voice.

The reason that I´am talking about her is becouse I´m also fan of CSJH The greace and my favorite member of the group is Stephanie The grace, so for me is to funny I´m fan of the two Stephanie´s

I dont understand why but I´m fan them

So for now is only that I´ll going to put a list about how they have some things that are similar and other that isnt so I hope to post that very soon.

And if you know them, and whant to share something is pretty wellcome.

SO... see you later

credit: the pics are from Soshiforum & unspeakable forum. thanks for the pics XD
Hi to everyone

Today is February 14 the day of love and friendship. I wish to everyone a happy day and enjoy to the max, Im really not a big fan of this day, I don´t get the idea but everyone have a ballon, chocolate, flowers or something like that, is good to recive present but that all the city get mad about this well I think is so crazy but what can i do.

Please give you at least a present if you dont have somebody that whant to give you something its grate to have some present.

So enjoy the day and every other day, give it to you and others tons of love, hugs and what ever you whant. XDXD <3<3<3<3 ^^^^

So I have to say good BYE to everyone and hope to update more often
see you around
Hello to EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well my hi to the ones that read this.

Let me tell you some things I´ll Try to upload some videos and music
for Koda kumi, Amuro Namie, TSZX The Grace, TVXQ, Super Junior, Lee Jun Ki, SNSD, ETC.
so i hope to see you around hear.

Also want to share some image and now that you see them good so you cant tel me anything bad about the way I put them. XD

So see you then with new things ^^